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KUMASI MSW Incineration Power Plant Porject Proposal East Energy Ghana Contents Chapter I Summary 5 1.1 Basic information of the project 5 1.2
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  • Pessoa de contato: Júlio Costa
  • Telefone: +55 (022) 2030-84-56, Comercial
  • +55 (022) 99771-35-22, Celular
  • Skype: coserpa
  • Endereço postal: Rua drº Silvio B Tavarez, Campos dos Goytacazes, Rio de Janeiro, 28.051-250, Brasil
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KUMASI MSW Incineration Power Plant

Porject Proposal

East Energy Ghana

Chapter I Summary 5
1.1 Basic information of the project 5
1.2 Background of the project 5
1.3 Necessity of the project 6
1.4 Comprehensive benefit of the project 11
1.5 Compiling principle of this proposal 14
1.6 Contents of the compiling-Accra Incineration Power Plant 14
1.7 Standards of this project 15
1.8 Main index and technological standards of this project 15
Chapter II Accra city household waste situation 17
2.1 Present situation of household waste 17
2.2 Forecast of household waste 17
2.3 Characteristic of household waste 17
2.4 Confirmation of the low calorific value of the garbage/waste 18
Chapter III Selection of waste treatment process 19
3.1 Comparison of common waste treatment measures 19
3.2 Waste treatment technology in the world 21
3.3 Technology of waste treatment in China 24
3.4 Selection of treatment measures 26
3.5 Scale of waste treatment 28
Chapter IV Selection of the incineration power plant site 29
4.1 Basis requirements of selecting the site 29
4.2 Selection of site 29
4.3 Condition of constructing the incineration power plant 30
Chapter V Demonstration of the Incineration Power Plant 32
5.1 Selection of the furnace of the incinerator 32
5.2 Configuration of the incineration processing line 35
5.3 Configuration of the generators 35
5.4 Plan of the purification of the smoke and waste gas 36
5.5 Technological process of waste incineration 44
Chapter VI Contents and lever of project construction 46
6.1 Waste incineration process 46
6.2 Requirements of the process and equipments 46
6.3 Automonitoring system 57
6.4 Electrical system 60
6.5 Signal communication 60
6.6 Ventilation and air condition 61
6.7 The technological requirements of construction and structure 61
Chapter VII Environmental protection and monitoring 63
7.1 Main pollution and pollution source 63
7.2 Standard of environmental protection 66
7.3 Measures of pollution disposal 68
7.4 Environmental monitoring and investment 72
Chapter VIII Labor safety and Industrial hygiene 73
8.1 Basis of the designing 73
8.2 Analysis of main hazard factors and preventive measures 73
8.3 Production hazard factors and preventive measures 74
8.4 Other safety and preventive measures 76
8.5 Labor hygiene measures 77
8.6 Safety and health organization 78
8.7 Emergency measures 78
8.8 The anticipated result 79
Chapter IX Energy-saving 80
9.1 Energy-saving measures in the technological process system 80
9.2 Energy-saving measures in electrical system 81
Chapter X Administration organization and labor quota 82
10.1 Organization 82
10.2 Working rules and labor quota 82
10.3 Personnel combination 84
Chapter XI Project implementation and schedule 86
11.1 Project implementation 86
11.2 Schedule 86
Chapter XII Estimated investment and financial analysis 88
12.1 Basis and description of this compiling 88
12.2 Bot project investment 89
12.3 Auxiliary project investment 95
12.4 Plan of investment-spending 96
12.5 Financial analysis 96
12.6 Social result 97
12.7 Conclusion 98

Chapter I Summary
1.1 Basic information of the project
Project name: xx city municipal solid waste incineration power plant.
Project owner: xx city Environmental Health Administration.
1.2 Background of the project
As one of the gateways to the sea in the middle area of XX, xx city lies to the southeast of xx. In 1997, the xx city was approved by the state council and set up by revoking the xx city and the Xx County. The xx city now consists of yuzhou county and fumian administrative district, and also administers the former county, including Beiliu city, Rong County, Bobai County, Lu Chuan County and Xingyi County. The highways are all over the country, and all four counties and the two cities in their land have highways and the high level roads in the city of xx, which belongs to the administered city, have been completed. The total area of xx city is 12838km2, all of which are located in the south of the tropic, and the climate is warm and humid. Besides, all kinds of crops can be grown all year round, especially being suitable for planting various subtropical crops and fruits, such as rice, sugar cane, cassava, yellow hemp, banana, lychee, longan, citrus, sand, grapefruit and so on. Xx city mainly produces xx corn, and the agricultural foundation is good. In addition to the food production, such as rice, plays an important role, the economic crops such as sugarcane, oil plants, cassava, hemp, tobacco and animal products are also important in xx. Fruit and dried fresh vegetables are even famous. Xx city is one of the five economic zones in xx, which is the political, economic and cultural exchange center in the southeast.
In 2009, the GDP of xx city was 68204 billion yuan, which increased 14.8%,and the fiscal revenue was 54.67 billion yuan, which also increased 14.5%.The total social fixed asset investment was 44461 million yuan, which was 1.32 times more than the whole money of the five years during the Tenth Five-year Plan, increasing 52.9%. Retail sales of consumer goods totaled 26.292 billion yuan, which increased 19.8%. The urban resident’s disposable income was 15,827 yuan, which increased 11.8%. The net income per capita was 4,531 yuan, which increased 9.9%, beyond the regional average of 551 yuan. The added value of primary industry, industrial output value, and the total retail sales of social consumer goods grew in the column was the first. The industrial output, the actual use of foreign capital, the disposable income of urban residents, the net income per capitar and other indicators of growth and investment into are at the top three in the whole district.
With the development of xx city economy and construction, the output of the living garbage also increased accordingly. Setting up advanced municipal solid waste incineration power plant and improving treatment ways of the domestic waste on the bases of the present waste sanitary landfill site, to realize quantitative reduction,resource and to change waste into valuables. It will not only produce good economic benefits, but great social benefits. It is very important for xx city to thoroughly implement the scientific outlook on development and improve the quality of people’s life.
1.3 Necessity of the project
1、 The construction of this project is the need of garbage disposal, quantitative reduction and resource
With the development of the national economy, the increased population, domestic waste will also increase day by day, and most of the waste is not treated effectively and reasonably, due to the lack of facilities for domestic garbage to deal with effectively. At present, the domestic living garbage mainly adopts the way of landfill disposal, which accounting for about 80 ~ 85%. The dispersion of garbage sites, the lack of standardization in selecting sites, and the possession of a lot of land resources, which most of them have not the measures of seepage control and treatment facilities permeability drop; The incineration facilities are dispersed, and the scales are small, so the system of incineration system and gas purification system are far from the requirement. If this goes on, all this will pollute the environment, destroy ecology, endanger people’s health and constrain the sustainable development of the region’s economy and environment. Xx city is planning a population of 1.15 million in urban centers in 2020. With the expansion of the scale of the city, and the sustainable development of the economy, it urgently needs some new urban garbage disposal facilities.
Xx city’s engineering scale of the existing integrated waste management is 300t/d, and the waste treatment adopts composting, incineration and sanitary landfill process. Due to the small amount of storage in the first phase of the landfill, and the daily production of garbage in xx city is growing too fast; the first edition of the landfill will be filled in. While the second phase of the municipal waste disposal site is not operational. With the development of economy and the increase of the garbage, the existing garbage disposal facilities can’t be able to satisfy the basic harmless requirement of the garbage disposal. Therefore; we must improve the current processing status.
2、 The construction of this project will greatly improve the appearance of the urban sanitation
The construction of xx municipal waste incineration plant can effectively control secondary pollution and greatly improve the appearance of urban sanitation work. Living garbage incineration, as the most effective disposal method, is widely applied in many developed countries, and it also becomes the development trend of large and medium-sized city in China in dealing with the life garbage disposal. This method occupies little space, the processing cycle is short, the degree of unharmful degree is high, and the heat can be used as energy, so the effect of the resource recovery is good.
3、 The construction of the project has a good national policy support
Accord to the forty-second law clearly defined that “city living garbage shall be cleaned in time, and gradually achieve the classification collection and transportation, and actively carry out the implementation of reasonable utilization and harmless disposal in the. The forty-second low clearly defined that “city living garbage shall be cleaned in time, and gradually achieve the classification collection and transportation, and actively carry out the implementation of reasonable utilization and harmless disposal”, which wroted in “Law of the People’s Republic of China on Prevention of Environmental Pollution Caused by Solid Waste”. The construction of living garbage incineration power plant in xx city is in accordance with the law of national solid waste pollution prevention and control.
1) In January 1999, the State Planning Commission and the Ministry of science and technology Issued fundamental [1999] No. 44 document put forward < the State Planning Commission, the provisions on the notice of Ministry of science and technology on further support the development of renewable energy related> issues: 1.The capital of waste incineration power generation projects accounts for 35% of the total investment of the project. 2. Waste incineration power generation projects can be pre-arranged by the bank capital construction loans and give 2% of the financial discount; Local projects are subsidized by local finance, and national projects are discounted by the Ministry of Finance. 3. For waste incineration power generation projects, the grid management department must allow its electricity to come near the Internet, in the period of project repayment, the electricity price practice the principle of "debt service + reasonable profit", higher than the average electricity grid part of the grid by the flat. 4. The waste incineration power generation project which use of domestic power generation equipment in the repayment period of investment, the profit should practice the principle of margin at no less than "the corresponding loan period interest rate + 5%".
2) In February 23, 2000, the State Economic and Trade Commission, the State Administration of Taxation issued "on the environmental protection industry published < equipment encouraged by the state (product) > directory (first batch) Notice" (State Economic and Trade Commission No. [2000]159), to give the environmental protection equipment (products) encouragement and positive support policy.
3) In June 5, 2000, the Ministry of construction, the State Environmental Protection Administration, the Ministry of science and technology in the notice of the "city life garbage disposal and pollution control technology policy >, require that waste incineration are advised to use mature technology which based in grate furnace , using other kinds of incineration process should carefully.
4) October 23, 2001, the Ministry of construction, the State Developm

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